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How Google Penguin 3 Update has affected SEO

Latest Google Algorithm Update: Penguin 3

Who will it Affect?

Over the past 2 years or so, Google has slowly been making changes to its search algorithm to make searches more relevant. Google has been making a concerted effort to penalize bad web practices which employ such tactics as link farming, negative SEO, web scraping, keyword stuffing and all other related types of link and content spamming to create higher rankings for website. This is being done to make the search results more relevant and to wean off sites that have poor or duplicate content. The latest algorithm release named Penguin 3, which came into effect on October 17, 2014, by Google is another effort towards this aim of downgrading sites that do not follow Webmaster Guidelines as set by Google.

How Does it Work?

Google algorithms are based on the Page-Rank, a system that takes into account the links that connected to or lead to a site, which then ranked a site according to its popularity based on the number of links the site had. This lead to penguin3.0manipulation of the number of links pointing towards a site by either providing a positive link or a negative link, to change the way a site was ranked in a query. The more links a site has from other authoritative sites, the higher it ranks as it is considered a more authoritative. But not all links have the same value, some links are considered better than others. This lead to Webmasters buying links at authoritative sites and using Black Hat practices to artificially boost their sites ranking and reputation.

How will it Affect?

The Penguin 3 release is still in the process of being implemented. According to Google, it will roll it out worldwide and may take several weeks for it to be fully implemented. Since it is still in the rolling out phase, it is difficult to gauge what and how it has impacted the search queries and how the rankings of sites have changed. So far, the impact on English language queries has been gauged at about 1% of all the queries. It is expected to have greater impact in other language queries besides English; this is because Penguin update or refresh, as Google calls it, has nothing to do with language or region, but everything to do with links, back-links and link profiles to weed out black hat practices and sites that employ them to boost up their ranking.

Since it is a review and not a release, as explained by Google, that means that Google is checking all the sites and ranking them again based on whether the sites have been cleaned up or not. So the sites that have cleaned up their SEO practices will see their rankings go up and those that haven’t will see their rankings go down. So in effect, Penguin is like a filter that checks sites for link spamming and make search results more relevant to human users, which was something that link spammers were not good at creating. In its effort to create better and more relevant queries, where the cleaner and better prepared sites with good content get ranked higher on a query, than badly created, link spammed sites.

What it Means For you?

This means that you need to pay attention to your website, check its content for duplication and/or copying. Revamp your site to wean out all the black hat techniques you may have employ to give and artificial boost to your site. So clean up your content and watch your rankings improve.

A quick Video on the Google Penguin 3 Update: