Different Types Of Verandahs You Can Build On Your Home

If you are thinking of adding a verandah to your residence, you could be stunned to discover that there are many types to choose from. Although their materials and height will depend, eventually, on the kind of house you have or how much space you want to use, any of the choices is guaranteed to drastically boost your home’s value and appearance. You will also have the satisfaction of building a brand new part of your domicile to enjoy. Below are few examples of the different types of verandahs you can build.


This is a contemporary verandah style that boasts curved, smooth and clean lines to shape a convex canopy above the outdoor living area. It is also sometimes called a bullnose verandah. It can be attached to the house or can act as a freestanding structure too. Additionally, the curved verandah can be combined with other kinds of roofing types such as pergolas and flats, to form a different look.

Example of a house with a bullnose verandah:


The gable style features a slanting roofline, which is most often used to give an aesthetic look to the existing roofline of your home. The roof is firm and is often built from clear roof sheeting to give a sun-room effect. Also referred to as pitched roof, the gable can be used with other types of roofs such as a flat, for augmented coverage.


This is the simplest design to construct, plus the most flexible. It compliments any kind of outdoor space and can be constructed to any preferred dimensions. It can also be constructed as a freestanding structure or added to other kinds of roof styles.


If you desire a versatile verandah style, then a pergola will perfectly fit the bill, since it doesn’t have to be joined to your house. The main advantage of this kind of style is that it allows you to keep the protected area, airy and very light, while providing an aesthetic appeal to your home.


This design adds great appeal to any open-air space. It is most often built as a freestanding structure with its quality design element being a vaulted roof. This unique style gives the constructor many design options from a variety of base styles like squares to octagons and roof styles with both indoor and outdoor elements.


It’s good to keep the sun away whenever it’s too hot, but it’s also wonderful to view the best of it when it’s a bit calm. A sunroof lets you do just that. This is because it has louvers that can be closed or opened at any time. Summary All the above styles would certainly excite you, but it is always advisable to choose the kind of design that will best harmonize both your home and ideal uses. For you to achieve this, you can ask a professional which design would fit you best.

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