Importance of Pest Control in Homes and Businesses

There are very many types pest that are found in our homes. They range from ants, cockroaches, termites, and silverfish. They are unwanted creatures which many people would not like to be near them. These pests are very harmful and that why everybody is encouraged to take part in eliminating, eradicating or controlling them.The elimination and control of such pests has its own advantages because by doing so, the whole family is protected from any damage that can be inflicted by these pests.

Some of the notable damages that can be caused by the pests include; contamination of the food, spreading of some deadly diseases such as cholera or even injury and destruction of properties in case of termites. No one would like to stay in such conditions and therefore, there must be a good solution to that problem.

If there is no proper control of pests, diseases will continue spreading. For example, if great care is not taken when dealing with pests like bedbugs that lives in our bed and clothes, they will continue spreading virus to other people or even pets. Pests like mosquitoes spreads malaria virus from one person to another. Flies contaminate food with pathogens that may cause serious diseases. These disease are very costly to treat and can even result to death.

It is also found out that without good pest control practices, pests can destroy over fifty percent of the food. Pests cause the food to decay and rot and therefore unsuitable for human consumption. Termites destroys properties especially those that are made from wood.
This video explains a bit more about pest control:

Between 7% and 8% of the population in Australia is allergic to cockroaches. Researches on children with chronic runny noses and wheezing revealed that 44% of those children are allergic to cockroaches. This is because of cockroach allergen that causes asthma. It is estimated that cockroach allergen is one of the major contributor of asthma in children. Cockroaches contaminates food by walking in contaminated area and spreading the same to the food. They carry streptococcus, staphylococci, clostridia, coli-form, yeasts, molds and salmonella.

Studies have also revealed that pest control increases the life expectancy among the human being. For instance, children who were born in 1900 (where there were poor pest management practices), had a life expectancy of forty-nine years whereas children born in around 2010 have life expectancy of seventy-eight years.

To ensure good sanitation and good health, every member of the family is supposed to participate in the pest eradication, elimination and control of the pests at home.

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