Types Of Wood Heaters and Their Best Use

There are two main types of wood heaters on the market in Adelaide. They are the freestanding or pedestal style, and the inbuilt model. Both need to be installed by a licensed professional in Australia, to make sure that they are installed to the correct standards.
What are the differences?
As you would expect, the built in models of wood heaters are built into the walls of the home and give a sleeker flush appearance. Of course a cavity will need to be created for them to be housed, so it is not accurate to say they take up less room, but they give the illusion of offering more space and offer a slimmer design that is often in keeping with modern houses.
The pedestal models of wood heaters will be installed in a free standing position, with enough safety room that they are not touching any of the walls. The way they operate and the principles are almost identical, just the entire wood heating unit is visible and so is the flue.

What are the benefits?
Most of the time it comes down to three factors that influence the decision. Taste, budget and the age of the home.
Budget is not a huge concern unless you have an established home. Most units have overlapping price points between the built in wood heaters and the pedestal wood heaters. However, in terms of retrofitting a heater to an existing home renovation, the pedestal will save money on installation.
If you are building a new home, then the built in model can be incorporated into the construction and the time of building, this is a much easier option than retro fitting it.


The charm of Adelaide Wood Heaters

Wood heaters create a real fire in your home. You get the heat, the crackling and of course the warmth. There is something very special about a natural fire that instantly makes a house into a cosy home.
As well as setting a mood, wood fires are carbon neutral. This means that the burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air as it would if it were decomposing in a forest. This carbon dioxide is needed by trees to breathe in and grow.
If you are thinking about getting a wood heater, work out what style is best for your existing or soon to be built home. Have a look at the best position within your home for visibility and warmth. Also take into consideration where the flue will go to expel the smoke. The more kinks and curves through the studwork in the ceiling, the more those extra costs creep up.

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